"Best For Me" Commerce

Align your Unified Commerce Platform to your business strategy, not the other way around. With ELERATM you can:

  • Flexibly use ELERATM as your Unified Commerce Platform, as a point solution for a specific use-case, or as a reference architecture to transform your business.
  • Gain total technological and financial freedom with a cloud, hardware, and deployment agnostic technology architecture.
  • Have total control over your platform - from fully managed to fully self-managed, and everything in between.
Learn how ELERATM gives you limitless flexibility to adapt to your strategyTake greater ownership with ELERA's Self Enablement Workbench

Codify differentiation

Deliver new experiences through never-before real-time integration and orchestration across channels.

Choose your own path

Easily accommodate edge use cases that reflect the uniqueness of your customer experience.

Own your destiny

Ensure experiences work as designed regardless of deployment choices, especially during peak demand or tough conditions.