Promotion Execution & Campaign Management

Provides the Marketing Professional with the necessary tools to foster and seamlessly launch creative promotional campaigns throughout the customer journey, without a reliance on IT to simply manage their loyalty program.

  • 3 Step Process - A brand new, modernized user interface that guides the user through building promotions in an intuitive, context sensitive, step-through manner, all while balancing complexity with usability.
  • Campaign Organization Manager - Allows the business user to organize promotions in meaningful ways, similar to the way you would organize your windows folders with unlimited flexibility.
  • Promotions Analytics and Performance Reporting - In conjunction with Customer Analytics, this feature provides a health and performance check for the retailer across its different shopper types. Robust drill down capabilities allow the retailer to see vital statistics of specific loyalty segments and down to the individual customer, including regular shopping trends by various categories and specific product category purchasing behavior.
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