ELERATM Produce Recognition

High accuracy Computer Vision / AI based produce recognition running on the edge that will speed up transactions and reduce shrink from mistake or fraud by accurately guiding the shopper to confirm the correct product is being weighed and priced.

  • Speeds up Transactions - No longer are customers having to scroll through quick look up With the TCx® EDGEcam device and Computer Vision AI software doing the bulk of the work, the checkout process is faster and creates a more frictionless experience for the consumer.
  • Increases Self-Checkout Adoption - For retailers wanting to increase SCO adoption, Produce Recognition will encourage reluctant shoppers and speed up exiting shoppers by automating the non-barcoded add-to-order process.
  • Shorten Wait Times – The time saved by eliminating manual lookup from the transaction is passed on to the next shopper waiting in line.
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