Payments Analytics

The ELERATM Pay reporting interface allows the retailer to create customized reports to detect unusual associate or consumer behavior across the enterprise. Combined with the ELERATM Data Analytics platform, the retailer can build customized dashboards to consume payments data most important to their business.

  • Customer Analytics and Insights - Central web-enabled reporting interface and configuration engine is integrated into the core ELERATM Unified Commerce Platform. ELERATM Pay data will be accessible to our retailers for building custom reports through a 3rd party interface such as Crystal Reports.
  • State Management and Diligence Reports - Maximizing uptime, tracking, and securing your devices, and controlling your total cost of ownership are the keys to getting the most out of your payment technology investment. ELERATM Pay provides you with tools you need to overcome these operational challenges and gain full control over your entire payment estate.
  • Loss Prevention Rules Engine - Our loss prevention toolset is built directly into the payment flow and with a customizable rules engine, retailers can adopt methods that evaluate payments based upon their unique and specific criteria which then take the appropriate action automatically.
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