ELERATM POS Next generation POS maximizes existing investments, delivering unified commerce capability on top of existing store infrastructure and eliminates the need to “rip and replace” existing infrastructure. Commerce capabilities can be delivered to any POS endpoint and new use cases can be rapidly developed and deployed through accelerators and low code / no-code development tools.

  • Speed of Innovation - ELERATM POS leverages the ELERATM Platform which offers modular commerce with interconnected components atop an open microservices architecture, with abstract store functionality out of store infrastructure - allowing you to unify stores and ecommerce like never before.
  • Control - A web-based UI allows retailers to make faster changes and use business rules for configurations that define specific instructions or constraints on how an action should be performed.
  • Speed to Market - Extensibility of data, interface, and presentation are now isolated and minimally dependent, facilitated resource onboarding means faster time to market along with a retailer self-enablement option.
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