Product Tracking (Computer Vision)

The ELERATM Computer Vision Service is responsible for interfaces to Silent Prediction, Active Prediction, Customer Training / Loss Prevention and Camera Images at the lane. These images are used for training / retraining purposes as well as for KPI analysis which is run locally and therefore continues to perform when the store is offline from the enterprise.

  • Camera Interface - Computer Vision Service is an ELERATM IoT microservice that manipulates the TCxTM EDGEcam camera to get an image upon request.
  • Silent Prediction - Solution learns the produce image / PLU pairings in the Retailer’s production store, to produce valid models and facilitate the decision to move to the predictive assistance phase.
  • Active Prediction - ELERATM Computer Vision Service takes a picture of an object on the weight scale and executes the object recognition algorithm, which processes the image and returns the list of “recognized” PLUs with a confidence level attached to each PLU.
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