Relentless Experimentation

Adapt to exponential change and pivot at the speed of today's high velocity consumer innovation. With ELERATM you can:

  • Enable many concurrent experimentations targeted to test new technologies and business use cases.
  • Eliminate the need for development “blackouts”, allowing you to innovate continuously and fearlessly.
  • Build a future-proof foundation for digital transformation.
Explore ELERA's Modular Commerce architectureStart anywhere, grow anyhow with ELERA's library of pre-built use-cases

Increase speed-to-market

Shorten time-to-value for targeted experiences by utilizing pre-built use-case applications or by rapidly deploying new use-cases through accelerators and low-code development.

Build incrementally from your starting point

Use modular components and a common core architecture to quickly activate new use cases regardless of where you start your journey.

Maximize existing investments

Deliver Unified Commerce capability on top of your existing store infrastructure, eliminating the need for disruptive rip & replace strategies.