Self-Service Checkout

For retailers struggling with rising costs of labor and evolving consumer preferences, ELERATM Self-Service helps rapidly create, deploy, and manage shopper kiosk experiences across touchpoints, saving innovation cost by providing even more feature / functionality out of the box.

  • Minimizing Cost of Innovation - The ELERATM based Self-Service solution is fully compatible with all other ELERATM offerings, giving you one common platform with a consistent look and feel across touchpoints.
  • Self-Enablement - Flexible APIs, schemas and development tools empower the retailer’s IT shop, reduce vendor dependencies, and future-proof their tech stack for new store use cases. New devices and screen flows can be implemented in weeks, not months.
  • Business-User Empowerment - User-friendly central admin puts more control into the hands of the business, giving non-technical users the ability to configure, analyze, and optimize store touchpoints.
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