Unified Returns

ELERATM shares commonality with other Commerce microservices, so you are using the same Returns service whether you are running on a front-end POS, service desk, eCommerce platform, or any other touchpoint you may use, thus providing a seamless shopper experience.

  • Returns Management Application - The Returns UI consists of several independently managed components, including various button palettes that relate to various transaction actions either direct, indirect, tender or language selection, as well as transaction state and receipt information as well as other user flows.
  • Maximum Control - You can use the ELERATM Orchestration Service to replace the Returns microservice or extend our Returns microservice through the API portal, giving you maximum control over how you want to present returns to your customer.
  • Store Digitization - ELERATM uses a common Returns microservice, you can easily return items from one store in a different store while maintaining the integrity of the original location’s tax rate and pricing.
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