Unmatched Unification

Differentiate through experience innovation and quality of execution by integrating digital and physical experiences like never before. With ELERATM you can:

  • Bring together all necessary technology in a unifying architecture, enabling reusability of the foundational components for virtually unlimited number of use cases.
  • Bring your brick and mortar stores to the digital age by creating a digital twin of all store assets and endpoints.
  • Power unified experiences across touchpoints and channels by unifying all underlying data and technology components.
Explore ELERA's Store Digitization architecture

New experiences not possible before

Deliver new experiences through never-before real-time integration and orchestration across channels.

Edge use-cases

Easily accommodate edge use cases that reflect the uniqueness of your customer experience.

Retail-ready commerce

Ensure experiences work as designed regardless of deployment choices, especially during peak demand or tough conditions.